WindowSight Partners
with Foto Commo:

Creating Immersive Hybrid Spaces For Top Brands 

Photography by Peter Treiber

WindowSight is proud to announce its new partnership with Foto Commo, the leading design agency in Mexico. Together, we create immersive hybrid space designs powered by digital art and technology. 

Explore how the synergy between WindowSight and Foto Commo is set to elevate your brand’s presence and foster memorable client experiences in Latin America and beyond.


The Partnership

About Foto Commo Design Agency

With over 37 years of design expertise, Foto Commo provides a variety of flexible design solutions for corporate, retail, educational, and residential spaces.

Having worked with top brands, including Samsung, LG, Somfy, Bose and Black Box, the company boasts 620+ successful national and international projects.

Using the principles of neuroarchitecture, the design agency specializes in creating personalized decor that not only accentuates the aesthetics but also positively impacts productivity and well-being through sound landscaping, digital signage, use of nature elements and more.


The Challenge: An Overlooked Element in Hybrid Space Design

Despite the extensive portfolio of smart sound and technology solutions, Foto Commo realized that there was one thing: a visual element in their design. So, the design agency started looking for potential customizable solutions to provide truly exceptional experiences to their clients.

After several years of searching, the Foto Commo team discovered WindowSight during its ISE 2024 visual arts exhibitions. The fruitful discussion soon followed about how we could collaborate to create visually attractive space designs.

With a curated library of over 16,000 high-quality art and photography images, WindowSight was ready to visually elevate space design that would engage all the senses.

On top of that, the platform’s seamless integration with digital signage and easy content personalisation would be a perfect solution for different business needs.  

Our Solution: Amplifying Hybrid Spaces With Digital Art

Our joint solution now offers a perfect blend of visuals, sounds and other decor elements to shape a unique ambience for businesses big and small. Whether you own a modern co-working space, a bustling retail shop or even an elegant hotel reception area, you can now add character to their spaces with digital art on signage displays at any time. This is going to not only boost your brand awareness but also attract more customers to your location.
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WindowSight use cases in various commercial spaces.

Expanding Possibilities in Latin America

This partnership signifies a strategic move for WindowSight, as we expand our Business Solution to the Latin American market.

“We are confident that our joint solution will bring mutual benefit to corporate clients and lead the way in modern hybrid space design with art and technology. Our shared objective also perfectly aligns with WindowSight’s mission: making art accessible to businesses and individuals worldwide.”  — Pol Rosset, CEO and Co-Founder of WindowSight.

“Our alliance with Windowsight is undoubtedly one of our technological pillars. Through ARTE, we create spaces that foster relationships among people and their connectivity within a specific work or life environment, resulting in benefits to health, well-being, and comfort for individuals.”   — Francisco Gaytan, Project Director, at Foto Commo

Thanks to Foto Commo’s professional expertise and our innovative art streaming platform, we are thrilled to bring more creativity and inspiration to commercial spaces in the region.

WindowSight and Foto Commo teams celebrating the new partnership

Experience the Future of Hybrid Space Design Today

Join us in shaping the future of hybrid spaces and unlocking limitless possibilities in commercial interior design. 

Contact us to embark on a transformative journey with WindowSight and Foto Commo and create memorable experiences for your customers.


Engaging visual content is not only a nice-to-have thing that adds an aesthetic element to your place. Displaying art in your business can be a powerful tool for reflecting your company’s culture, boosting your team’s productivity, preventing waiting time boredom for clients, etc. Visit our blog to learn first-hand about all the benefits of streaming art and photography in your business.

As a company, you can still steam WindowSight in commercial settings. For that, please contact us. But, if you want to make the most out of both non-commercial content (art, photography, etc.) and commercial (brand news, product showcases, interactive menus, etc.) content, the integrated solution offered by WindowSight and Raydiant will fully equip you with all you need for the excellent in-location experiences.

To create a Business account, simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll assist you in setting up and activating an account tailored to your needs. In the meantime, you can explore our platform at home with a Free, Basic, or Premium account.

No, you can’t. Other subscription plans (Free, Basic, Premium) are intended for personal and private use only. WindowSight Business subscription provides you with essential rights of public communication to meet all the legal requirements. Read more on our Licensing Page.

Artists receive 50% of royalties when their art is streamed from a WindowSight Business account. To learn more about it, visit I’m an Artist.

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