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Why Use Art Streaming in Clinic Waiting Rooms


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With a raised awareness about the importance of art in healthcare, art streaming is making its way to the waiting room design of medical facilities.

Find out how you can effectively utilize this interior design tool to shape better patient experiences with curated digital art collections in your waiting area.

What is Art Streaming in Clinic Waiting Rooms?

Art streaming is a modern interior design solution for transforming clinic waiting rooms. It allows you to display curated art content on TV or digital signage without the hassle of downloading and managing image files. 

If you think that it sounds like Spotify or Netflix, you’ll be right. The difference here is in the content which is more tailored for a clinical setting. With art streaming, you get access to a diverse range of high-quality art and photography from globally renowned artists. This content is streamed directly to your waiting room screens, creating an engaging visual experience.

As a form of cultural entertainment, art streaming combines the soothing effects of art and the flexibility of modern technologies, creating a welcoming ambience for patients without unwanted overstimulation.

How Art Streaming Can Transform Your Clinic Waiting Room

Top 5 Benefits of Using Art Streaming in Clinic Waiting Rooms

Implementing art streaming in your waiting room design brings numerous benefits to patient experiences in your clinic:

1. Decreased pre-appointment anxiety
Art streaming serves as an effective stress management tool, calming down nervous patients before their appointments. This benefit extends to all waiting areas, including high-stress zones like emergency departments. A study by U. Nanda confirmed that displaying static or changing art visuals helped decrease patient restlessness, even in such tense situations.
2. Reduced wait time complaints
Long wait times can be frustrating for many patients. But long wait times in an uninviting waiting room can be even more frustrating. In many cases, it comes down to the way patients perceive time. The more agitated or worried they are, the longer the waiting seems, leading to dreaded patient complaints. Streaming artworks on TV helps reduce perceived wait time by 40%, as engaging visual content keeps patients’ minds occupied and makes wait time feel shorter.
3. Improved patient experiences
A waiting room with happy and relaxed patients is not a distant dream. Art streaming directly contributes to that, providing relaxation and distraction from the surrounding noise. Particularly, calming nature scenes have a therapeutic impact. In a survey conducted at Cleveland Clinic, 61% of patients agreed that viewing nature art positively impacted their mood and satisfaction levels.
4. Fostered positive word-of-mouth

As a clinic manager, you understand the importance of exceptional patient experiences and positive patient reviews.

Art streaming transforms your waiting room into a high-quality digital art gallery, creating memorable experiences and encouraging them to share their positive impression with others.

5. Increased staff retention
Incorporating art streaming into your facility benefits your medical workers as well. Such visual relaxation after challenging appointments helps reduce burnout, boost job satisfaction, and improve overall morale. As a result, this supportive environment can lead to higher staff retention and a more motivated team.

A clinic waiting room displaying artworks by Anna Clariana

Streaming art or manually downloading images for TV?

When choosing the right approach for displaying art on your clinic’s TV screens, there are some important things to consider. 

One is searching for and downloading images yourself, using a pen drive. The other is opting for an art streaming platform with pre-selected and customizable art collections.  

Watch this short video where our CEO and Co-Founder Pol Rosset shares more insights about the difference between arts streaming and manual image download.

Here’s a quick overview of the main points: 

Art Streaming vs. Manual Image Download: A Quick Comparison

Art Streaming

Manual Image Download

Time and Effort Requirements

Efficient Process: Easily access thousands of high-resolution artworks and start displaying them within seconds.

Time-consuming Process: Allocate min. 1-2 hours searching and downloading images, then using a pen drive to start displaying.

Content Availability 

Diverse and Abundant Content: Real-time access to thousands of art pieces from different categories (art, photography, illustrations, video art, etc.)  

Limited Content: Often restricted to classical art with fewer high-quality images for TV display. 

Content Management  

Effortless Management: Automatically schedule and manage artworks across screens to create a dynamic gallery experience.  

Labour-intensive Management: Regularly check and update displayed content to prevent burn-in effects on screens.

Customisation Options

Flexible Playlists: Easily create or choose available art playlists to match your facility’s design and offer tailored patient experiences.

Limited Choice: Customisation options are limited by the number of content available, often compromising the clinic’s design aesthetics. 

Artist Support

Equitable Support: Helps you support artists by providing fair recognition and remuneration for their work.

Inconsistent Support: Artists typically don’t receive compensation unless images are purchased from sources that pay royalties. 

Legal Compliance

Copyright Safe: Using a legitimate streaming platform ensures compliance with copyright laws, as these platforms secure proper licenses from artists.

Risky Practices: Downloading from unauthorized sites can result in copyright infringement, leading to prolonged lawsuits and potential fines.

Technical requirements

Modern Connectivity: Requires a stable internet connection and a modern smart TV for optimal performance.

Offline Flexibility: Images can be displayed without the internet connection, but with limited functionality.

In summary, art streaming offers a versatile and easy-to-use way to enhance your clinic interior design with a vast collection of art content instantly accessible on TV. It eliminates the need to search, download, and manage images, ensuring compliance with copyright laws and avoiding screen burn-in issues. 

Conversely, manually downloading images is time-consuming, involves potential legal risks, and demands constant maintenance to keep your displays fresh and compliant.

Bringing artful wait time experiences into your clinic

Art streaming in healthcare combines the benefits of visual stimuli and technology to create a pleasant ambience, reduce wait time complaints, and delight patients and staff alike. It simplifies the process of displaying customizable art collections, supports artists, and ensures legal compliance—all while making your clinic a more inviting place.

Ready to see how it works in action? Read our case study on how a clinic in Barcelona eliminated wait time complaints with art streaming. Discover the tangible benefits and practical insights that can help you improve your waiting area today.

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