Turn any space into an ever-changing art exhibition

WindowSight creates stimulating environments and captures the attention of audiences across any industry enhancing productivity, creativity, and relaxation in any space.


Customise any space anytime, and make it more dynamic with a creative art environment.


Increase well-being and reduce stress in closed spaces of either clients, employees and visitors.

Use art as a storytelling tool to narrate the experience you wish your spaces to transmit.


Social and cultural responsibility


An integrated solution

WindowSight works with different technological partners to provide the best integrated solution to all customers regardless of their project or location.

Together, we take care of the whole process.

The Business account has to be activated from a WindowSight manager. Contact us to ask for your Business to be activated. In the meantime, you can try the platform with a Free, Basic or Premium account. Register here.

With a Business account you can have as many TVs or displays as you wish. Contact us to explain your project and we can adapt it to your needs. See available devices and TVs here.

Unlike the other membership plans: Basic and Premium, that have a fixed monthly price (see Pricing Plans) the Business account has a different price structure as it is a customised account. 

The price depends on the number of displays, their exposure and the payment period or contract agreement. Contact us to tell us about your project and we will be able to give you detailed information about the pricing and any other needed information.

The Business account has all the Premium features (see features at Pricing Plans) plus other customised ones: customised number of Tvs, multiple accounts and automatic display designed for professional and signage displays.

With the Business account you can use WindowSight in commercial spaces without having to worry about the content you display. WindowSight has the right of public communication of all the content on the platform which is ceded to the owners of Business accounts.

Get your Business account

Contact us to get more information and try the Business account for FREE.


Join the community and enhance your business with photography and art.

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