Terms of Use
1. Terms of use

When you register as a user on the WINDOWSIGHT platform, you accept at all times:

  1. Comply with these terms (including all terms of WINDOWSIGHT) and all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Only truthful and clear information should be published on the platform.
  3. Having the legal age, as indicated on the register form.
  4. Use only the account registered to your name, do not use third-party accounts.
  5. Do not sell, market or transfer the account to third parties.
  6. To be solely responsible for any activities carried out from your account and must keep it updated all times.
  7. Ensure strict confidentiality of your data and passwords, assuming any damages and losses may arise from the violation of said confidentiality.
  8. All content (whether provided by WINDOWSIGHT, a user or an Artist) of the WINDOWSIGHT platform may not be used on third party websites or for other purposes, including commercial purposes, without prior authorization from WINDOWSIGHT.
  9. Only business accounts can use WINDOWSIGHT content for public communication. Free, basic and premium accounts can only use content for private use and purposes.
  10. It is not allowed to screenshot, record or download any content of the platform. If WINDOWSIGHT has notice of this behaviour from any user, the account will be blocked. To unlock it, the user will have to contact with WINDOWSIGHT.
  11. Every artist that starts an account on our platform, guarantees that it complies with all the regulations and legal obligations necessary to publish and market their creations in the terms of WINDOWSIGHT.
  12. All Users who initiate an account on our platform, guarantee that they comply with all necessary regulations and legal obligations and have the legal age established to contract and navigate our platform using our services.

The WINDOWSIGHT platform should not be used for any illegal or immoral purpose.

WINDOWSIGHT reserves the right to block or delete the account of any user not following these terms of use or any other of our legal texts or  any user having any fraudulent behaviour.

Any information published on the WINDOWSIGHT platform must not, in any way, be potentially detrimental or harmful to WINDOWSIGHT or any other person. “Damage” includes the economic loss that there is or may be suffered (but is not limited to this).

Without any limitation of any of the provisions of these Terms, any information you provide to WINDOWSIGHT must be updated and kept up to date and should not:

  • Be false, inaccurate or misleading;
  • Be fraudulent;
  • Infringe the copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other property rights or intellectual property rights of third parties, advertising rights, confidentiality or privacy;
  • Violate any law statute, ordinance or regulation (including, but not limited to, those that regulate consumer protection, unfair competition, criminal law, antidiscrimination practices and fair trade/commercial laws);
  • Be defamatory, slanderous, threatening or harassing;
  • Be obscene or contain any material that, at the own criteria of WINDOWSIGHT, can be inappropriate or illegal in any way;
  • Contain any malicious code or data or set of instructions that intentionally or unintentionally, may cause damage or alter the intended function of the platform, including, but not limited to viruses, Trojans, worms or other computer programming routines that may damage, modify, eliminate, interfere in a harmful way, intercept silently, without access authorization or expropriate any system data or personal information.

If WINDOWSIGHT determines at her own criteria, that you have violated any obligation of these Terms, you reserve the right to remove any content or cancel or suspend your account.

WINDOWSIGHT may modify these Terms or Policies (and update the pages on which they are displayed periodically.

If you do not agree with any change (or any of our policies), you should cancel your WINDOWSIGHT account and stop using our services.

2. Register process

Artist Registration Process 

  • To be a WINDOWSIGHT Artist you must register. 
  • Registration data: To register for WINDOWSIGHT you must access the “For artists” or “Join as an artist” section. 
  • To start the registration process, click on “Start”. 
  • Create account. 
  • You must fill in your information: name, surname, email, password, gender and date of birth. The date of birth must be true to continue using our services in compliance with legal obligations. The application will ask you to create an account. At the end click on “Continue”. 
  • You must ensure that the password you enter is secure.
  • Personal information.
  • The application will ask you to fill in the fields with the rest of the personal information necessary to carry out the registration.
  • Your work.
  • The application will ask you to attach your artistic work that you would like to upload to the platform.
  • Send request.
  • As soon as the account is created, a message will arrive to your email with a link that will confirm the account registration. 
  • At this point you have created a user account and at the same time have requested an artist account.
  • Account access
    • You will only have access to an artist account if the WINDOWSIGHT team validates your request and once they have validated you, you will receive an email with the agreement. You will also be able to access the agreement on your account, on the “My Request” page.
    • Once you have signed the Agreement, your user account will become an Artist Account.
  • In the meantime, as long as your request is not validated, you can use the app as a user and pay for the Premium membership to have access to the artworks on your TV.
  • If your request is not accepted, you will be able to continue using WINDOWSIGHT as a user.


User Registration Process (FREE, BASIC & PREMIUM Accounts) 

  • To be a WINDOWSIGHT user you must register.
    • If you have a promotion code, you can provide it at the beginning of the registration process or afterwards through the Settings > Account page.
    • If you do not have a promotion code, you can register following the normal process.
    • You can also register through your accounts in Facebook, Google and Apple.
  • Registration data: To register in WINDOWSIGHT, you must access the “Sign Up” section.
    • You must fill in your information: name and email.
    • You must generate a secure password.
    • Payment data:
      • You can provide payment information: payment method, cardholder name, card number, expiration date and CVV.
      • You can continue with the registration process without adding the payment details.
  • During the 7 days of Free Trial you can:
      • Stay Premium.
        • After the period of 7 days, WINDOWSIGHT will proceed to make the first payment. You can check our purchase conditions here (Terms and Conditions).
      • Switch to Free User.
  • Within your account section “settings” you can always change your type of account or membership.
      • In case the change the change is from a lower cost account to a higher cost account:
        – You must first complete the payment information to proceed with the change, unless you already have an introduced payment method. 
      • In case the change is from a higher cost account to a lower cost account.
        – It will retain the privileges of the Premium account until the end of the paid month.

User Registration Process (BUSINESS Account)

  • To be a WINDOWSIGHT user with a BUSINESS Account you must register first of all as a Free, Basic or Premium user throughout the normal register process on the website.
    • You can also register through your accounts in Facebook, Google and Apple.
  • Registration data: To register in WINDOWSIGHT, you must access the “Sign Up” section.
    • You must fill in your information: name, email and generate a secure password.
  • To convert your current (Free, Basic or Premium) account into a Business account, you have to contact WindowSight through email business@windowsight.com or through the page: https://windowsight.com/business-contact/ 
  • The conditions of your Business account, pricing, payments, number of TVs, etc. will be agreed with WindowSight via email. Once they are agreed, WindowSight will turn your account into a Business account. 
  • WindowSight can delete your Business account or convert it into a Free account in the case you don’t keep with the agreed payments.
3. Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe Process (FREE, BASIC & PREMIUM Accounts)

You can unsubscribe at any time through the “Settings” page in the “Account” section at https://web.windowsight.com/settings/account.

Unsubscribe Process (BUSINESS Account)

To unsubscribe from your Business account, you have to contact WindowSight through the email business@windowsight.com. WindowSight will proceed to deactivate or delete your account depending on the conditions agreed within both parties.