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Stream your creativity to the world. Join the largest digital art gallery now. Publish your work and become part of our vibrant artists community.

WindowSight’s vision is to make visual art and photography as accessible and essential as music is today in everyone’s daily lives.


Together, through the power of art and photography, we transform spaces into dynamic, culturally rich, and pleasing environments, enhancing everyone’s daily lives while supporting your creative journey.

At WindowSight, we’re driven by boundless curiosity and creativity, celebrating the thrill of exploration and the magic of innovation. Our platform is a welcoming canvas for collaboration, respect, and personal growth. Join our vibrant artist community that host 200+ international artists, and over 12,000 captivating visual artworks. Learn more about our core values. 

`Photography by Rob Woodcox

The World’s Heart


We envision artists and photographers who, with their personal passion individually, can compose a strong community of creators who raise awareness about social issues, share their learnings and experiences, bring entertainment and connect people worldwide with the benefits of consuming art daily. 

Ready to impact the world with your messages?

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At WindowSight, we’re more than just a streaming platform –
we’re a thriving community, bound by shared values and a passion for art.

Photography by Andrew Peacock

“They do something that belongs to our common future - the democratization and digitizing of art”

Yulia Bas


Publish your Art on the Platform

Upload the artworks you like to the Image Manager, tag and classify them to boost their visibility and make them accessible to everyone through the app.

"WindowSight’s accessibility enables anyone to enjoy stunning photography and amazing art in the comfort of their own living room without compromising quality."

Gerd Ludwig


Your Art Displayed in HQ on TVs Worldwide

Engage with a new audience with curated collections and playlists. Plus, see statistics of your community’s activity and keep your content safe from piracy.

Artwork by Yulia Bas

“It’s a great opportunity for artists to have a potential way to support ourselves and support our continuing creative work.”

Tim Laman


Get Paid per Views

Earn every time your art is displayed. Each month, we split the users’ subscription fees between the artists they have watched.

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WindowSight is a new platform for artists to earn money by offering their art in high quality. Artists have their art published in the app and get paid according to the amount and time of TV displays, so they earn for the direct enjoyment of their work.

  • WindowSight is exclusive to active professional visual artists who wish to give their audience a new experience with their work. 

    Through your application, our team will validate that you are active as an artist and that you have a demonstrable professional career.

Art on WindowSight must provide a valuable experience when watched in HQ on TV. Before applying, make sure your art’s resolution is suitable for high quality TV display (minimum of 8MP for image and 1080×1080 for video) and that you have at least 30 artworks to share on WindowSight.

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Where creativity, transparency, sensitivity, curiosity, authenticity and responsibility unite to shape a better world through the power of art. Together, we make a difference.

Loop by Teodor Hristov
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