“Looking for Solace” Exhibition by Gustavo Amaral at ISE 2024

How WindowSight Increased Attendee Engagement at ISE 2024

Short Video with Michael Blackman of The ISE 2024 Show

The ISE 2024 audiovisual show provided exciting event experiences and tech innovation insights. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ISE, WindowSight team brought a new digital art exhibition to life that increased attendee engagement and satisfaction.

Let’s recap!

Art Exibition at ISE Show 2024 displaying artworks by Andrew Peacock streamed on WindowSight.

"Penguin Portraits" by Andrew Peacock at ISE 2024

About the ISE 2024 Show

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the largest audiovisual systems integration show in the world. During the annual four-day event, numerous international AV brands (incl. Samsung, LG, LANG AG, Zoom) showcase their latest technologies and solutions for commercial and residential use. Since 2004, the event has become a highlight of Barcelona’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. In 2024, ISE marked its 20th anniversary with the most successful event to date, attracting a record-high 73,891 attendees from 162 countries.

WindowSight Art Exhibition
at ISE 2024

Following an immersive digital art experience at ISE 2023, WindowSight organized yet another successful art project to enhance event ambience and engagement. In collaboration with ISE and LANG AG, the team fully transformed a plain black wall in Hall 6: Digital Signage & DooH into a cultural attraction.

The 10 signage displays continuously showcased 670 curated artworks of renowned artists and photographers. During the entire event, people enjoyed a captivating visual trip, from African Wilderness by Shannon Wild, Wonder of Birds by Tim Laman, Nature in Motion by Babak Tafreshi to Impressionist Expressions by Claude Monet, Surreal Dance by Rob Woodcox, Galaxies by Hubble Space Telescope,  Illustrating Voices by Nicolás Aznarez, Dreams are Real by Eva Gamayun, and even Galaxies by Hubble Space Telescope, etc.

Art Exibition at ISE Show 2024 displaying artworks streamed on WindowSight.

"Infinite Essence" by Oscar Pettersson at ISE 2024

Art Exibition at ISE Show 2024 displaying artworks streamed on WindowSight.

"Surreal Dance" by Rob Woodcox at ISE 2024

Attendee Reactions to
The Digital Art Exhibition

The ISE visitors were instantly drawn to our rich, ever-changing digital gallery. This colorful fusion of art and technology not only enhanced the event’s purpose but also improved attendee mood.

“The whole idea to have a platform to introduce artworks to the world is fresh and inspiring. I think the exhibition totally leveled up the venue. It adds this artistic feel that I like… It creates a nice visual break during the hectic walking from one area to the other, and it makes the whole experience more engaging.”  —  Enric, ISE 2024 attendee.


"Looking for Solace" by Gustavo Amaral at ISE 2024

From received feedback, we noticed that many attendees highlighted that they like the idea of having art on display at their workplaces too:

“I like the diversity of artworks and artistic movements displayed on the monitors. It takes you to different times and places. So inspiring to think about! I can already imagine how this solution fits in our home and office spaces.”  —  Mónika, ISE 2024 attendee. 


"Classical Elegance" exhibition at ISE 2024

“In a place where technological innovation dominates, it’s good to remember how art can enhance our daily habits. We not only need innovative hardware and monitors, but also innovative softwares and concepts that add a sense of openness, connection, warmth and inspiration in our lives.”  —  Gerald, ISE 2024 attendee. 


Artist reactions to the art exhibition

Sandra Morante, one of our newly-onboarded travel photographers, visited us at the ISE 2024. Contributing her work to the exhibition, she saw her “Larung Gar” collection come to life. The visitors also got to know firsthand about her 15-year-long travels across Asia.

Reflecting on these experiences, Sandra expressed her gratitude for being a part of the project:

“Certainly, it has been a great honor for my work to be showcased at such an important event as ISE alongside WindowSight. Being able to see my photographs displayed on a large TV size is priceless, especially within a platform filled with international artists producing work of the highest quality. I can’t express anything but millions of thanks to the entire WindowSight team.”  —  Sandra Morante, travel photographer on WindowSight.

Sandra Morante's attendance during her exhibition "Larung Gar" at ISE 2024

Art Streaming Potential Beyond ISE

In an interview with Michael Blackman, Managing Director at ISE, we discussed the impact of the digital art experience. Mr. Blackman emphasized that before the art installation, there was a plain, uninspiring wall. But with the digital art exhibition, we saw “people coming by and viewing this new experience with high-quality images.”  

“This shows what WindowSight does: creating a great visual attraction for attendees and animating the area.”

Mr. Blackman also shared his personal take on WindowSight’s potential for space design:

“It’s a very good B2B solution in places where you want to enliven a space… In the waiting rooms or in break rooms when people are waiting, you can entertain them and provide a better visitor experience.” —  Michael Blackman, Managing Director at ISE.

Key takeaways

The digital art exhibition at ISE 2024 has proved once again the value of art streaming for memorable event experiences. Using the power of digital signage and curated art collections, we successfully delivered novelty and variety to the visitors. The ever-changing art gallery noticeably improved the venue atmosphere and attendee satisfaction. 

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WindowSight Team Increasing attendee engagement at ISE 2024

WindowSight team at ISE 2024


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