How Art Streaming Transformed the Workplace (Real-life example)

WindowSight helps Tech Barcelona to elevate productivity and serenity at their offices with art.


Artworks by Dan Hobday

Art streaming in the workplace takes on a new dimension as WindowSight collaborates with Tech Barcelona, an independent nonprofit association, to introduce an art display solution to the space. 

Together, we’ve created a visually rich and culturally creative office atmosphere that alleviates work-related stress, boosts employee engagement, and enhances wellbeing.

About Tech Barcelona

As a private nonprofit association, Tech Barcelona empowers Barcelona’s thriving digital and technological ecosystem. The association aims to foster regional innovation within corporations, promote entrepreneurial culture and support emerging startups with investments.

Inspired by the innovative spirit of Catalonia, the Tech Barcelona team craved more than just a conventional workplace. The primary objective was to provide employees with a pleasant environment to take a break and recharge before the next creative challenge.

WindowSight, as a corporate partner, has been working with the Tech Barcelona community for the last 2 years to foster the dynamic startup culture. So, we were excited to get onboard and transform the workplace, synched with the goals and values of the association.

A Visually Refreshing Change

In October 2023, WindowSight and Tech Barcelona combined efforts and incorporated the first 2 displays with WindowSight’s ever-changing digital gallery into TechBarcelona’s workplaces at Pier01.

Displaying art in a professional setting has become a game changer. From snowy winterscape photography to graceful classical art, the staff now gets to enjoy stunning visual canvases that relieve stress, spark imagination, increase employee engagement, and enliven office design. With over 15,000 images, there’s no room for office monotony and boredom.

Art Streaming at Tech Barcelona with WindowSight

Photography by Javier Aznar Gonzalez de Rueda

Photography by Tim Laman

Art Streaming at Tech Barcelona with WindowSight

Artworks by Gustav Klimt and Johannes Vermeer van Delft

CEO Reflections: Beyond Partnership

Following the installation, Miquel Martí, the CEO of Tech Barcelona, reflected on the fruitful results of collaboration. Comparing the artful screens with “bright windows” that “cut through the wall”, he mentioned:

“It opens a whole view – something that I’m very interested in as a concept…Somehow, every time I pass by, my gaze is naturally drawn to the visual canvases, which is what we were aiming for with the installation of these screens.”  — Miquel Martí, The CEO of Tech Barcelona.

As a result, the art streaming solution has added diversity to the office design, creating a focal point for creativity and team engagement.

Pol Rosset, the CEO and Co-Founder of WindowSight, emphasized the depth of the collaboration, highlighting the cultural value it brings:  

“We managed to take this collaboration one step further than just a partnership, by promoting not only what the hub itself supports –digital and technological innovation– but also what Barcelona stands for as one of the most cultural cities… we noticed a huge opportunity to enrich TechBarcelona’s spacious and modern buildings with dynamic visuals that boosts the hub’s identity and its team’s potential.”  —  Pol Rosset, Co-Founder & CEO of WindowSight

Tech BarcelonaArt Streaming at Tech Barcelona with WindowSight

Increasing your team’s potential

Art streaming in workplace not only brings flexibility to the interior, but also positively influences people on emotional level. 

As our collaboration with the Tech Barcelona team deepens, we’re excited to learn firsthand about the employee experience. In the next part of this series, we’ll explore their perspective on how visually rich surroundings impact their work and overall productivity. 

But you don’t have to wait to turn your office into an artful oasis of innovation and creativity. At WindowSight, we’re eager to assist you in crafting compelling visual narratives that bring a refreshing change to your workplace. Let’s increase your team potential starting today.


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