Maximize Your Signage Software: 10 Key Advantages of WindowSight Integration

Digital signage software market is expected to reach $25.54 Billion (USD) by 2030, increasing at an annual growth rate of 15.7%. For signage software providers it means greater client opportunities as well as the pressing competition. To differentiate themselves on the market, the companies seek innovative ways to elevate their offerings.

As the bridge between technology and culture, WindowSight art streaming platform provides an additional boost to these efforts. With a quick integration process, you can start enhancing your value proposition and ensuring greater customer experiences already today. 

About WindowSight

WindowSight is the art streaming platform that transforms black screens into vibrant art canvases. Founded in Terrassa (Barcelona), our ambitious start-up team provides a new way to personalize your home and business spaces and set perfect ambience for any occasion. With an expanding community of 250+ famous artists and photographers, the platform offers a curated selection of captivating visuals, bringing daily inspiration while supporting creators through an equitable revenue stream. 

Key Benefits for Your Signage Software Company

1. New Revenue Stream

Integrate WindowSight to monetize idle screen time (when your clients turn off the displays), ensuring continual revenue flow.

2. Enhanced Client Retention

Elevate customer satisfaction by offering a vibrant art gallery of 15,000 artworks from 250 professional creators alongside signage solutions, reducing churn rates.

3. Differentiation in the Market

Provide a versatile signage solution that allows clients to creatively personalize their spaces with art and photography, enhancing the overall value proposition.

4. Easy Integration and Maintenance

Seamlessly integrate WindowSight with your signage solution using just a URL for hassle-free management through the WindowSight mobile app. The WindowSight users get access to all the artworks and pre-made playlists, which eliminates the need for endless image searching and downloading on the web.

5. Scalable Business Model

Expand service offerings effortlessly as the client base grows, maximizing revenue potential without added complexities.

Key Benefits for Your Signage Software Clients

1. Unique Space Ambience

Enliven venue ambiance with over 130 curated art playlists, ready to instantly create a fresh and engaging experience for visitors.

2. Improved Marketing Opportunities

 Craft visual stories that communicate corporate culture and brand identity, fostering employee engagement and customer relationships.

3. Customer Experience Enhancement

Reduce perceived waiting time and highlight a client-oriented approach with visually appealing art content in waiting areas.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Seamlessly integrate WindowSight with your signage solution for hassle-free operations and low maintenance.

5. License Compliance and Quality Content

Access licensed digital artworks compliant with creator copyrights, reducing wasted time on legalities and ensuring high-quality content.

Successful Integration with Raydiant

In January 2024, WindowSight proudly announced its integration with Raydiant – one of the leading digital signage platforms. 

Our joint solution is set to provide businesses (workplaces, hotels, restaurants, etc.) with an opportunity to improve in-location experiences, driving customer satisfaction and employee engagement. 

Learn more about how we help create memorable art experiences in brick-and-mortar:

Read more: WindowSight Partners with Raydiant


WindowSight’s integration with digital signage software offers a win-win solution, enhancing customer experiences and fostering loyalty. With our art streaming platform, businesses can unlock a plethora of opportunities to solidify their competitive edge and drive growth. 

Discover how WindowSight can transform your digital signage solutions today.



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Diverse as the art itself, our platform features a great variety of visual art content, ranging from classical art and photography to mixed media, digital art, illustrations, etc. 

Businesses can display any of the curated playlists or easily create custom playlists to adapt to any space, occasion, and mood.

Yes, WindowSight Business subscription provides businesses across industries with essential rights of public communication to meet all the legal requirements.

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