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We are a flourishing community united by common values and a love for art: We appreciate the uniqueness of every art and photography’s nuance, where everyone inspires one another and together we leave a positive imprint to the world.

WindowSight’s vision is to make visual art and photography as accessible and essential as music is today in everyone’s daily lives while supporting our artist community

An Interconnected

Our community of artists and users is the pulse of our mission.

With WindowSight, we are merging diverse cultures into a single platform, bringing together users, artists, and photographers from across the globe. This unique convergence allows individuals to connect with those who inspire them, fostering the potential for exciting collaborative projects. By facilitating these connections, our platform offers a broader outlook and understanding of the world and society at large. We unite individuals and foster bonding between them, connecting everyone with art and its benefits.

Photography by Zay Yar Lin


From emerging stars to award-winning luminaries, our creators compose a harmonious, diverse and global community. Our members span the spectrum, including photojournalists, photographers, painters, digital and video artists. And more artists and photographers join us monthly to share their inspiration and experiences. While the backgrounds and ideologies may differ, we all share a common appreciation for art and the vision to make it accessible to everyone.

Our community hosts 200+ international artists, and over 12,000 captivating visual artworks.

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We value the importance of constructive feedback and strive to maintain a close connection with our community. We genuinely care about understanding the challenges, concerns, preferences, and needs of every individual. There is always space for development, thus there is a huge gratitude for the users and artists who share their opinions with us. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best visual and immersive experience, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Illustration by John Holcroft

What our artists say about

The Art

Birth of Venus

Sandro Botticelli

The Kiss

Gustav Klimt

Impression, Sunrise

Claude Monet


John Stanmeyer
World Press Photo of the Year 2014

Sanctuary Tigers

Steve Winter
2020 Photo Contest, Contemporary Issues, Stories, 2nd Prize

Lipstick bonobo

Chrsitian Ziegler
2014 Photo Contest, Nature, Stories, 3rd prize

Ball Collision

Clément Mazieres

Path to Neuschwanstein

Robert Jahns



Swirling desert sandstone patterns

Stephen Matera

Scary Unkown 02

Teodor Hristov


Vinicius Parisi

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Loop by Teodor Hristov
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