Photography by Kyle Huber

Art Streaming in Hospitality Industry: Covering The Basics

Explore the role and benefits of art streaming in hospitality industry

Art streaming in hotel waiting area, a hospitality industry

Photography by Kyle Huber

Much like any other sector, the hospitality industry continually evolves. From smart TVs and voice-activated assistance to AI-driven menus and VR-powered events, these advancements directly influence how hotels, restaurants, event venues, and other key players in the hospitality adapt to offer best tourist services.

As technologies continue to advance, art streaming turns into a key differentiator for visitors. In this post, we explore the role and benefits of art streaming in hospitality for enhancing guest experiences.

Art Streaming:
What You Need to Know

At its core, art streaming means displaying artworks on digital screens, like films and series that we watch on Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu. It can be used in both home and business settings to create a consistent visual style for spaces.

Photography by Martin Rak

Streaming art in coworking

Illustrations by Kateryna Bielobrova

Art streaming’s popularity grew steadily before experiencing a significant surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the digitalization of art increased, people discovered a new opportunity to view digital art on TV and enhance space ambiance. Meanwhile, content creators managed to broaden their audience and monetize their creative passion.

Attractiveness of Art Streaming for Hospitality Sector

With a plethora of visuals available, it’s no surprise why art streaming has captured the interest of hospitality businesses. As the new normal settles in, the companies have to think innovatively to attract and delight visitors on a new level.

Art streaming in hospitality holds the key to unlocking that new level. Being a flexible tool, it not only makes beautiful visuals accessible for the public but also offers a fresh perspective on how to communicate brand identity.

Benefits of Art Streaming (+ Implementation Ideas)

So, how can your hotel, guest house, café, event venue, resort, or even cruise ship services benefit from displaying mesmerizing visuals?

1. Tailored Customer Experiences

Understanding your target audience enables you to enhance your space with relevant artworks, leaving a lasting impression on guests and making them feel understood on a deeper level. That is, art streaming in hospitality allows you to delight customers every day with a fresh set of images that resonate with them.

2. Setting Mood for Special Occasions

Whether you’re hosting a professional forum, conference, banquet, or birthday party, streaming artworks in hospitality sets a desired frame of mind. For example, during an event, you can use artworks to encourage attendee engagement or direct attention to specific areas of the venue.   

ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona​

ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona

3. Making Your Brand Stand Out

In a saturated hospitality sector, brand differentiation plays a significant role. A strategic use of visual narrative in your space is sure to showcase your company’s unique personality and create lasting guest memories.


Collection by Robert Jahns

4. Improving Your Marketing Efforts

This point ties nicely to the previous one. Essentially, displaying art on TV or digital signage is a subtle yet powerful tool to express your brand identity through visual narrative. As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With some visual treats sprinkled around, you provide multidimensional experiences and generate a positive word-of-mouth, effectively promoting your brand across the platforms.

5. Increasing Visitor Loyalty

Last but not least is improved retention. When your hospitality business consistently and creatively provides value to your customers, they are more likely to commit to a return visit and positive word-of-mouth.

Embracing Art & Technology

Art streaming in hospitality opens doors to innovation. With technological advances, businesses across the sector are free to experiment and adapt digital art visuals to their needs. This will help increase customer satisfaction and build brand reputation in the ever-growing market.

As you explore the potential of art streaming, delve into how classical art comes to life thanks to new technologies:

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