The media displayed doesn’t look right or has bad resolution

If the media displayed seems somehow distorted, follow the Display Recommendations and the WindowSight TV Configuration Guide

Bear in mind that every TV, monitor or external device is different and each screen can show different colors and resolutions. 

If your TV is having technical problems displaying the content, for example with interferences:

  • Check the cable connection if you are using an external device such as an Android TV or an Apple TV.
  • Check that your TV or external device is not applying HDR property.
  • Restart it
  • Reinstall the TV app and check your internet connection.


Color subsampling

In case that the color of the item that you are playing doesn’t look like the one in your mobile app, please check the color profile settings, specially if you are using an external device. 

Make sure you are using YCbCr (4:2:0) profile

If the problem persists, change it for RGB profile.

Color subsampling is the practice of encoding images by implementing less resolution for color information and it could affect the way the items are displayed.


If the problem persists, contact us and report the problem specifying the details of the device that you are using (operative system, brand, model and app version).

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