WindowSight TV Configuration Guide

To experience art digitally with the most optimal display and ensure the best performance of the app, we recommend to set specific parameters in your TV. This guide will help to calibrate the most essential settings.

To calibrate your TV display:

  1. Download the model patterns and transfer them to a USB.
  2. Plug the USB into your TV and open it with your native image viewer program.
  3. Access your TV’s display settings.
  4. Calibrate according to the Configuration Guide below.


  • Every TV has specific technical conditions according to its technology, location (which affects lighting) and internet connection.
  • Adjusting one setting can affect another. For a perfect result, keep revising the model pattern throughout the process.
  • The following settings’ names are the most common but they could be listed under a different name or not be available in your TV.
General Settings
Other Settings

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