WindowSight Improves Event Experiences with Art & Photography at ISE 2024

WindowSight Utilizes Art Streaming to Create Memorable Event Experiences for ISE 2024 Attendees.

ISE 2023

Image from last year’s exhibition at the ISE 2023

WindowSight joins ISE 2024 to mark its 20th anniversary with a breathtaking art and photography exhibition in collaboration with ISE and LANG AG.  

Reflecting on ISE 2023

In 2023, WindowSight partnered with the ISE team to celebrate the inauguration of new Audio Demo rooms. Taking the initiative, the WindowSight team proposed transforming the Hall 8 leading to the new rooms with a memorable art installation.  

Along the entire 100-meter walkway, 36 digital displays had been mounted to display 540 masterpieces of 30 world-famous creators. Instead of a dull transition path, the walkway turned into an immersive cultural experience. 

Imagine passing through one of these hallways, which one would excite you the most? The one with plain walls, or the one with an atmospheric art gallery all over?

ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona​

Empty wallside at the ISE 2023

ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona​

Image displaying art and photography on 33 screens at the ISE 2023

For the show visitors, the answer was clear: 

“It was entertaining! Something new, something different. —  Attendee’s personal impression 


The curated art exhibition not only enhanced the space design with a customizable solution, but also improved event experiences and attendee satisfaction, reflecting Barcelona’s innovative spirit.

New Art Experience at ISE 2024

After such a successful digital art exhibition project, WindowSight joins ISE 2024 to enliven the show atmosphere once more. The Catalan startup has prepared a new visual treat for the event attendees, this time in Hall 6: Digital Signage & DooH. 

Our locations on the Fira Venue Map for ISE 2024

As the ISE’s technological partner, WindowSight will fill 10 signage displays with over 670 works of famous international creators. Among them are:

  • National Geographic photographers (Tim Laman, Babak Tafreshi, Steve Winter, etc.),
  • Classical artists (Claude Monet, Joaquín Sorolla, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, etc.)
  • Video artists (Clément Mazieres, Franck Lefebvre, Oscar Pettersson),
  • Illustrators (Gustavo Amaral, Joey Guidone, Sócrates Rízquez), etc. 

Throughout the four-day event, there will be 33 ever-changing art exhibitions for everyone to appreciate the calming and inspiring effects of art with no entrance fees required. 

Photography by Tim Laman

Artwork by Claude Monet


Video Art by Oscar Pettersson

Illustration by Sócrates Rízquez

Presenting New Partnerships

In addition to the artistic showcase, WindowSight also introduces the results of its new partnerships with LG Electronics and Raydiant at the Catalonia pavilion. The visitors will know more about how to use these solutions to create personalized commercial and home spaces, ensuring a seamless blend of technology and aesthetics. 

Our locations on the Fira Venue Map for ISE 2024

As for commercial and public spaces, business owners will get a sneak preview of WindowSight’s partnership with Raydiant – a digital signage and in-location experience platform. Thanks to the integrated solution, companies across industries (hotels, restaurants, retail, etc.) will be able to leverage art and photography content to differentiate their brand, improve client experience and increase employee engagement.

Preview Mode WindowSight's integration with Raydiant

WindowSight's player preview of Raydiant Partnership

For homeowners, WindowSight is going to unveil a new art streaming app developed in collaboration with LG Electronics in December 2023. The biggest advantage of the updated LG TV app is the streamlined process of displaying artworks – fully appreciate art without extra button clicks.

New WindowSight TV app for LG

Join us at the event

The WindowSight team is eager to guide the attendees through an outstanding visual journey on dynamic digital canvases between 30th of January and 2nd of February (10:00-18:00) in Hall 6: Digital Signage & DooH, near the Catering Area 6.1.

If you’d like to learn more about the art streaming solutions for home and business spaces, we are delighted to show them live between 1st and 2nd of February in Catalonia Pavillion, Booth CS100.

Get in touch with us prior to the event to book a meeting.


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