ISE Exhibition

When Art and Technology Worlds Collide:

Enhancing the ISE Experience with WindowSight’s Digital Gallery

Client: Integrated Systems Europe | Industry: Technology

“It was entertaining! Something New. Something Different.”
– Attendee’s personal impression.

About the ISE

The Integrated Systems Europe show, in short ISE, is an annual audiovisual event held right at the heart of Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona. It aims to bring together innovations and people from all over the world in one venue and take technology one step further. Since 2004, this promising show has attracted a huge amount of exhibitors and visitors, with approximately 58K attendees in January 2023.

The challenge

Once again, the show kept everyone’s attention with its rich event programme. This year was enhanced by additional projects such as the new Audio Demo Rooms inauguration in the freshly renovated Hall 8. On their way there, attendees initially were supposed to pass through a long, dull walkway, which would have been a huge experiential contrast in relation to such a lively atmosphere in the rest of the venue. 

“We were looking for creative ideas to liven up areas like the long walkway leading to Hall 8 and make them more visually appealing. Because of the nature of the walkway itself, we thought that WindowSight’s concept would be more than suitable and the combo would create an interesting experience for all the attendees heading to the new Audio rooms.” 
– Explained Michael Blackman, the ISE’s Managing Directorduring the interview we conducted with him.

ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona​
ISE Exhibition 2023, Barcelona​

The partnership

WindowSight joined forces with the ISE organizers to enhance that space and offer a much-needed visual break during the lively event. We connected technology with art & photography to reflect Barcelona’s innovative and creative spirit. 

The project

WindowSight was able to channel stories of its artist & photographers’ community and convey their messages through collections exclusively curated and chosen to be displayed in the event. In total, 30 world-leading creators presented 540 masterpieces on 36 digital displays decorating both sides of the 100m walkway. On each wall was a one-hour exhibition of an artist or photographer (more details about the project itself in our press release, published among others on the ISE news). This provided a variety of visual stimuli for the visitors, especially for those who were coming and going more than once; every time they were passing through the same corridor, a new exhibition would accompany them. 

ISE 2023

“Watching people stopping by, looking and discussing indicated that our goal was met.” – Michael Blackman

The impact

Steve Winter’s exhibition – National Geographic photojournalist and WindowSight member – was among the 30 remarkable and impactful ones worth mentioning. Known as the big cat lover, Steve’s “The Tigers Next Door” exhibition influenced President Biden to sign the Big Cat Public Safety Act on December 20th, 2022.

Photography by Steve Winter

“We managed to organize this project through the concept that our platform serves: give unlimited access to visual art through TVs, magnifying the power of art & photography and addressing paramount topics such as Steve Winter’s story.” 
Oriol Rosset, Co-Founder & COO of WindowSight. 

Apart from photography, both digitized and digital art creations – such as Yulia Bas and Artem Pozdniakov’s respectively – also decorated the corridor. As Michael Blackman described the promotion of art and culture through technology:

“We see digital art becoming more and more common. It’s two parts: one is taking traditional art and digitizing it, and the other one is creating actual digital art. We’ve always been in the forefront of creating and presenting digital art and that’s what WindowSight’s concept serves. We think that is the future.

Pol Rosset with Michael Blackman during the 2023 ISE show.

To some, a “vibrant” and, to others, a “thought-provoking” visual treat, this was a project that didn’t go unnoticed either by the press or from the ISE attendees, organizers and even signage companies’ exhibitors. The impressions we gathered confirmed our promise to provide a memorable visual experience through otherwise lifeless digital displays. 

“During the ISE 2023, we’ve come to realize that although there is a limitless potential for using signage displays, very few options to platforms to offer curated and visually appealing content exist on this market.”  – Pol Rosset, Co-Founder & CEO of WindowSight

From ideation to planning and finally, to execution, it took WindowSight’s team dedication and enthusiasm, as well as the support of the ISE organizers to bring this project to a successful end. Barcelona’s Fira venue was just one example of how WindowSight’s concept can enhance surroundings: creating exhibitions of democratized art & photography curations to offer an experience of aesthetics, social awareness and knowledge, both in private and public spaces. If you are visualizing it in your spaces too or want to support us by being our TV partners for following events reach out to us!

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