WindowSight and LG Partner to Redefine Art Display on LG TVs

A new art streaming TV app for personalized home interior.

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Our TV screens can mesmerize, even when we’re not actively watching them. Empowered by this idea, WindowSight and LG Electronics collaborated to unleash the artistic potential of TVs.  The joint solution for the LG Gallery offers an expanded selection of nature photography that add a unique touch to any space.

How it All Came Together

Sometimes all it takes is a vibrant art piece to boost your mood and let your interior shine. Introduced in 2018, the LG Gallery mode made this a reality. With it, you can turn your black TV screen into a visual masterpiece. That said, this powerful feature is not fully utilized due to the limited content choice.  

This is when the idea of a partnership started to crystallize. WindowSight has a flourishing community of 250+ artists and photographers who regularly share their updates. With a 100x content variety, the WindowSight platform could surely enrich the artwork choice for LG TV owners.

Expanding the LG’s Art Gallery

On 14th of December 2023, WindowSight and LG launched a new “Nature and Photography” theme featuring work of 11 well-known creators. Among them are the National Geographic Photographers like Babak Tafreshi, Ingo Arndt, Jim Richardson, Ronan Donovan, Steve Winter, Tim Laman, Shannon Wild and Javier Aznar. There are also images from other famous photographers, including Andrew Peacock, Tim Plowden and Fernando Pedro Salgado.

“For WindowSight, the partnership with LG is a huge step forward. We believe that it will help enliven the current artwork selection on Art Gallery with new content and encourage people to add an artsy feel to their spaces.”  — Pol Rosset, CEO and Co-Founder of WindowSight.”

Let the New App Surprise You

The “Nature and Photography” theme gives a glimpse into WindowSight’s art streaming capabilities, but there’s more. LG gives its users a direct link to the new WindowSight TV app for additional art and photography content, including vivid illustrations, binge-worthy motion art, sophisticated mixed media, etc.

Watch our CEO and Co-Founder Pol Rosset explain the hidden gems of the new TV app and get the insights about the art streaming journey that awaits.

Insights and Inquiries

About LG
LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company, founded in 1947. As a global innovator in technology and consumer electronics, it focuses on providing electronic products that help customers live a better life. Over the last years, its premium LG SIGNATURE and intelligent LG ThinQ brands have become household names. 
About WindowSight

WindowSight is the platform for streaming art and photography on TVs. Inspired by the vision of bringing creativity closer to people, the company provides a new way to personalize your home and business spaces, With more than 15,000 artworks from 250+ well-known artists and photographers, you can set perfect mood for any occasion and support creators via an equitable revenue stream.

Would Like to Know More About it?

Dive into all the features of the new WindowSight TV App for LG TVs, read the Press Release, or start enjoying WindowSight by downloading your mobile App. 

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