TV doesn’t show QR

In case that your TV app doesn’t show the QR code to sync your TV and phone:

  • If the TV has not been synced yet, check the internet connection on your TV or external device.

Each time the TV app shows a QR code it is taking it from the internet. If you have a slow internet connection, the app won’t load the code.

  • If the TV is already synced, it will not show a QR code.

In this case, you can stream from the mobile account you have synced to that TV. Each TV or external device can only be actively synced to one user at a time.

To show the QR code and sync the TV again: 

    • Log out of the TV app and log back in with the new account.
    • Delete the device from your mobile app.

If the problem persists, try relaunching the app.

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