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How to Craft Visual Stories In Your Workplaces with Art Streaming

A Practical Guide to Get Started With WindowSight

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Art streaming is a powerful tool for creating a unique office ambience that resonates with your employees. However, the sheer number of art collections to choose from can make you feel plain overwhelmed. That’s why, we’ve created a simple guide to help you create visual stories in your workplace stress-free.

What is Visual Storytelling Anyway?

Visual storytelling in the workplace describes a way of communicating company culture, team values, and brand identity with relevant visuals: artworks, photographs, videos, illustrations, etc. 

It helps not only connect employees to shared values but also improve productivity and creativity. In other words, with the strategic use of visual imagery, you can positively impact employee experiences, team collaborations, and even customer relationships.    

Getting Started with Visual Storytelling

If you’re ready to enhance the visual appearance of your workplace, here are 3 basic steps (+ extra tip) to kickstart your journey:  

1. Set your goals

Before creating an impactful office ambiance, you should understand what your main goal is. Just like with any narrative, you should set the intent before shaping the effective visual stories in your workplace. Otherwise, you are less likely to get the desired results. So, it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes for a couple of minutes.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the current atmosphere in the office like?
  • How do employees feel about working in the current office environment? Is there anything they’d like to change?
  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Reduce employee stress, celebrate team diversity, differentiate your brand, etc.?

Answering these 3 questions will bring much-needed clarity about your company’s needs and employee preferences.  

“As a small team, we have to be effective and creative at a rapid pace during our work days. Having a diversity of visual art around is a key in creating an environment that promotes mental calmness and fosters imagination.” — Dhespina Mena Team Member at WindowSight.

Keep in mind that your goals are not set in stone: they can (and will) evolve reflecting changes in organization and team dynamics. 

2. Revisit Company Culture

Company culture is the backbone of every organization. It shapes the behaviors, attitudes, decisions, and actions of everyone involved, serving as a day-to-day guide and a connection point to your company.

Now that you have your goals straight, think about what kind of ambience would reflect that: inspiring, creative, professional, calm?

For example, at WindowSight we have a whole set of values, among which are being curious and joyfully creative. In the office, we communicate these values with the artworks of various creators on our platform, like: Tim Laman, Rob Woodcox, Iris Scott, and Angie Mathot, among others.

"Lava Sample 001" by Arturo Rodriguez.

"Puma" by Ingo Arndt

Thanks to ever-changing visual accents in our space, we not only stay fresh and playful, but also inventive and collaborative.

“Promoting culture and supporting artists and photographers is what WindowSight stands for. Embracing this perspective in our office by using our very own product indicates how strongly we believe in the power of art, which stems from our personal experiences.” — Andrea Sandy, Team Member at WindowSight.

3. Experiment and receive feedback

Having considered all the information you need, you can fully delve into exploring various content options. 

On our platform, we feature more than 15k high-quality images of renowned artists and photographers. So. you’re free to effortlessly experiment with different art collections and ambiences they create.   

During this process, it’s best to maintain a feedback loop with the teams. Ask them about what they think of the new surroundings and how things could be improved. Do they prefer static, pleasing images of nature or dynamic, vibrant compositions?

You can find out what content resonates the most with different members in our team: whether it is Monet on one screen or funky video art on another, with WindowSight you increase the interest”  Dr. Craig Knight, Doctor of Workplace Psychology

Browse though the works of 250+ creators to choose the visuals that appeal to your team

4. Bonus Tip: Keep Exploring

Imagination knows no bounds. As you keep discovering new content and ways to match it with the space design, you’ll get the hang of how to convey compelling visual stories in your workplace.

We hope that this brief guide helps utilize the power and flexibility of art streaming to your advantage. 

And right before we finish: our customer Agremi, who owns a real estate company in Barcelona, shared his WindowSight experience with us.


“The changing TV visuals in the main area brought me joy, while the repetitive artwork in my office seemed lame. This motivated me to install a second TV to have the same inspiring experience with WindowSight in a room where I spend at least eight hours daily”

Now over to you: it’s time to write your own visual story and transform the workplace into a creative haven. 

The WindowSight enriches office surroundings with visually appealing narratives and boost people’s work-life experience. This is an open call for you to start with a small and easy step toward making a significant change. Are you ready to boost your team’s potential with us?

Or start using the app

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