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Discover the solution to display unlimited artwork at your company with full public-use licenses through the WindowSight Business Account.

Visual Content

Public communication

WindowSight offers top-quality, legally licensed artworks for public use. Our platform ensures your business stays protected from copyright issues and legal troubles.

Stream what you like

Access +12,000 artworks, build your own playlists, or use our curated business playlists. WindowSight is designed with your business in mind, giving you the art and photography tools to shape your brand’s identity effortlessly.

Safe Streaming

Each artwork created is protected by intellectual property regulations.
To stream art in a business setting, you’ll require licenses specifically granting the right to showcase visual artwork publicly. These commercial licenses are essential to ensure your streaming activities with copyright laws which apply to both large and small business owners alike.

The WindowSight Business Account grants you these licenses for all the content, providing you the privilege to showcase visual masterpieces and boost your brand’s identity.

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Securing Licenses Empowers your Business for Art Streaming success

What licenses does WindowSight provide?

Almost all of them. WindowSight offers you the right of public communication of the content. With the WindowSight Business Account, you get the necessary commercial licenses and legal protection for customizable streaming of all the content with our app or partner platforms.

Can I download and print artwork from WindowSight to promote products?

No, WindowSight is not an online image bank or a stock photo website. WindowSight’s licenses are specifically tailored for online art streaming within our platform. The streamed art is intended for display in digital contexts to transform spaces and create new atmospheres.

WindowSight will consider any use of our content that is not carried out through our platform as unlawful, and therefore, in violation of the regulations that govern intellectual property and copyright.

We Respect
and Support

Intellectual property rights are established as soon as you create something. From that point forward, it is protected, and there are associated rights. When a work is made available to the public, the creator deserves recognition and compensation for their work.

WindowSight respects and supports artists in asserting their rights. It’s important to understand that there are authorities and legal frameworks in place to ensure that these rights are respected.

With a WindowSight Business Account, your company can embrace art streaming with the confidence that comes from compliance. We’re here to be your partners in this artistic journey, ensuring that your visual stories reach your audience, while your rights and obligations are securely upheld.

Artists receive 50% of royalties when their art is streamed from a WindowSight Business Account.


In terms of intellectual property, we refer to the right of public communication to the right to showcase copyrighted artworks in public spaces.

To create a Business account, simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll assist you in setting up and activating an account tailored to your needs. In the meantime, you can explore our platform at home with a Free, Basic, or Premium account.
A Business account includes all the features of a Premium plan and additional personalized options. You can integrate the service into your Content Management System (CMS), connect multiple TVs, and manage them conveniently through one or more accounts.
The subscription price depends on the number of displays, payment period, and contract agreement. For detailed pricing information, please contact us, and we’ll provide you with all the necessary details about the Business account and address your questions.
No, WindowSight Premium subscriptions are intended for personal and private use only. To comply with legal requirements for commercial use, you’ll need to acquire a Business subscription
Artists receive 50% of royalties when their art is streamed from a WindowSight Business account. To learn more about it, visit I’m an Artist.

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