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WindowSight is a streaming platform that provides HQ visual content to enhance productivity, creativity, and relaxation in any space.


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Create your custom art display with playlists and compilations

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Directly support artists every time you enjoy an artwork

A percentage of your subscription fee is distributed among the artists whose content you have streamed, proportionally to the time spent on each one.


WindowSight creates stimulating environments and captures the attention of audiences across any industry providing engaging experiences.

“Offering relaxing images in the waiting area to our patients has improved their experience a lot and we’ve noticed they are less stressed when having to wait longer than expected for their appointment”

Arquer Institute

When Classical Art Meets Technology

Classical artworks meet today’s technology and the mixture is pure magic! WindowSight now provides you with Classic content to personalise your spaces and create “antique”-like digital canvases.

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Say goodbye to the black square

Yes. WindowSight is free. 

Our Supporter plans (Basic or Premium) improve the streaming quality of your experience, get rid of ads, and have unlimited display options.

Plus, give 50% or 60% of your subscription fee to the artists you enjoy!

  • Mobile: iOS and Android
  • TV: Samsung TV, Android TV, LGTV, Apple TV and external devices.

See specifications here.

Make sure you are using the latest version for a smooth experience!

WindowSight is compatible with Android and Apple external devices. Learn how it works here.

Artists get paid by users with a Supporter plan according to the time supporters display their art. Learn more here.

Yes, only with a Business Account you can use the platform in public or commercial environments as WindowSight grants them the use of the content of the platform for public communications. Contact us and get more information about the Business Account. Free, Basic and Premium accounts are only for private use and purposes.
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