WindowSight Partners
with Raydiant:

Elevating in-location experiences in brick-and-mortar with art and photography 

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Photography by Steve Winter

WindowSight has partnered with Raydiant, a digital signage platform, to enhance in-location experiences in brick-and-mortar. The joint solution empowers companies from different industries to drive customer satisfaction and employee engagement with memorable art surroundings. 

Discover the story behind this impactful partnership and the benefits it brings to brick-and-mortar businesses.

About the Partnership

The Challenge

As one of the top in-location experience platforms on the market, Raydiant offers a wide range of plug-and-play solutions to manage visual content on digital screens: dynamic digital menus, brand announcements, workplace news, etc. With such a robust content management platform, businesses can share relevant, on-brand information with visitors and employees.

Raydiant clients encountered a challenge when they sought alternatives beyond just showcasing service information. They wanted to also display non-commercial visuals (like artworks) to create a fresh ambiance for visitors and reflect brand voice.  

Although Raydiant included some art display options, the content choice was limited. Since demand from clients has been growing, the Raydiant team approached WindowSight to eliminate the pain point. 

Having more than 15,000 high-quality visuals from 250+ famous artists and photographers, WindowSight streaming platform was up to the task to transform surroundings into vibrant art exhibitions powered by Raydiant’s interactive digital signage displays.


The Solution

With an integration of WindowSight into the Raydiant platform, the companies across industries (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) can already start adding personality to their space with mesmerizing content, which now also extend to photography, illustration, mixed media, and even video art. 

The ease of the joint solution removes stress and hustle from the equation. By selecting pre-made, recommended or custom playlists on WindowSight, businesses benefit from Raydiant’s comprehensive content management tools to effortlessly craft visual stories that delight customers and employees.

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Various locations presenting streamed artworks through WindowSight x Raydiant

“Imagine your cafe that displays a mouth-watering menu during rush hours, like lunchtime, and then creating a calmer ambience in the afternoon. Or the hotel lobby that greets guests with captivating artworks instead of the black TV screens. With the new solution, you can do just that. It brings variety to your space and adds more value to your guests’ experiences, making your location a place to be. And it applies to all kinds of businesses. The sky’s the limit!  — Pol Rosset, CEO and Co-Founder of WindowSight.

How to start using the integrated solution?

To start enriching your commercial space with art and photography, you can follow an easy, step-by-step guide. Visit Integrating WindowSight with Raydiant: Art Streaming Partnership for more information.

Insights and Inquiries

About Raydiant

Founded in 2017, Raydiant is the leading digital signage software and in-location experience platform that provides businesses with innovative solutions to create experiences that inspire customers, engage employees, and drive revenue. The company works with nearly 4,500 brands, from SMB to enterprise, including First Bank, Dickey’s BBQ, Harvard University, Red Bull, Wahlburgers, Thomson Reuters, and more.

About WindowSight

WindowSight is the platform for streaming visual art and photography on TVs, inspired by the vision of bringing art and creativity closer to people. Hosting over 15,000 artworks from more than 250 well-known artists and photographers, the company opens a new way to personalize your home and business spaces, set perfect moods for any occasion, and support artists through an equitable revenue stream.


Engaging visual content is not only a nice-to-have thing that adds an aesthetic element to your place. Displaying art in your business can be a powerful tool for reflecting your company’s culture, boosting your team’s productivity, preventing waiting time boredom for clients, etc. Visit our blog to learn first-hand about all the benefits of streaming art and photography in your business.

As a company, you can still steam WindowSight in commercial settings. For that, please contact us. But, if you want to make the most out of both non-commercial content (art, photography, etc.) and commercial (brand news, product showcases, interactive menus, etc.) content, the integrated solution offered by WindowSight and Raydiant will fully equip you with all you need for the excellent in-location experiences.

To create a Business account, simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll assist you in setting up and activating an account tailored to your needs. In the meantime, you can explore our platform at home with a Free, Basic, or Premium account.

No, you can’t. Other subscription plans (Free, Basic, Premium) are intended for personal and private use only. WindowSight Business subscription provides you with essential rights of public communication to meet all the legal requirements. Read more on our Licensing Page.

Artists receive 50% of royalties when their art is streamed from a WindowSight Business account. To learn more about it, visit I’m an Artist.

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