I can’t find an artwork, an Artist, my content…

If you are having trouble finding an artwork, Artist, or your content in the app, check the next options: 

  • Check your Library

  • Sensitive Content Active/Inactive
    If you’re looking for any specific item and it doesn’t appear in the Search section, it may fall under the Sensitive Content label, and thus not appear if you have blocked Sensitive Content.

    Check it in your Settings > Sensitive Content

    If you have the Nudity and Mature options disabled on your Settings, artworks labeled as such will not appear in the app. 

    By activating these options, the artworks classified as Nudity and Mature will show up on the app. 

  • Unavailable Content
    Sometimes content availability may vary over time depending on the publication or non publication of the artworks.

    WindowSight is a social platform. Artists can unpublish their works or their profiles. If you cannot find a certain artwork or its artist, they may have been unpublished from the app.

    Most probably, the artwork will come back soon. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it may have been removed entirely from the platform, either by the artist or WindowSight.

  • Broken content/artist
    It’s possible that in some occasions an artwork or an artist doesn’t appear momentarily. In this rare case, please try to refresh the app in order to update the content.

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