Animator at Lobster Studio – Sofia, Bulgaria

In the dynamic realm of animation, Teodor Hristov emerges as a young, motivated artist with an impressive 10-year journey. Specializing in 2D cell animation, motion graphics, video editing, and composing, they seamlessly blend technical expertise with creative innovation for compelling visual storytelling. Beyond the norm, Teodor stands out for their eagerness to experiment with diverse techniques, from crafting intricate rigs to exploring after-effects expressions.

Teodor’s passion extends beyond the digital realm, evident in their dedication to spending hours animating frame by frame for captivating movements. Their work reflects a unique fusion of technical precision and artistic passion, leaving a distinctive mark in the animation world. With an unwavering commitment to problem-solving and a perpetual desire to bring drawings to life, Teodor turns challenges into opportunities for creative expression.

For those exploring their profile, a journey through their portfolio is an exploration of dynamic storytelling, intricate animations, and a genuine love for the craft that shines through in every frame.

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