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How Artful Office Design Can Increase Staff Retention


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After the Great Resignation that shattered the American labor market, the topic of improving employee retention has gained particular attention.  One of the viable solutions to the problem lies in the way we design our offices to empower and engage employees. In this article, discover how an artful workplace interior can be a game changer for your employee retention strategy.

The Invisible Culprit of Poor Employee Retention

According to recent surveys, over 60 % of US employees are considering quitting their jobs. Despite the improved career opportunities, many office workers cite this as one of the deciding factors:

Not the image itself, but what it represents. A dull, colorless workplace interior that fails to cultivate a productive and wholesome work environment.


How can Artful Office Design Improve Staff Retention?

Incorporating artworks in your workplace offers many positive effects on employee retention. Here are the main advantages of artful office designs: 

1. Art creates a sense of community

Whether in the company lobby, meeting room, or coworking spaces, company culture permeates every corner of your place. However, when it gets hidden under the faceless facade of white walls, employees feel increasingly disconnected from the company values, and their engagement dwindles.

Art in the office interior can communicate empowering messages to your employees. It enhances a sense of belonging and fosters team connections, which in turn leads to greater employee collaboration and loyalty. It’s like saying, “This is our space, and we’re in it together.” 

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2. Art adds variety (sth to look forward to each day)

Remember these memes of dreaded Monday mornings (or any working day, really)? It all starts with employee boredom, then absenteeism, and eventually quitting.

Artful office design adds color to employee’s lives and gives them something to look forward to every day. That’s why having creative artworks around the office space also results in increased employee retention and productivity of up to 30 %.

Photography by Brian Skerry

3. Art improves employee well-being
Over half of U.S. employees have reported experiencing moderate to very high burnout rates in 2023. Declining performance, missed deadlines, aggravated team conflicts and total disengagement are just a few of the inevitable results that are likely to follow.

Photography by Rob Woodcox

Photography by Tim Laman

Green Eruption by Emanuele Balboni and displayed at WindowSight

Photography by Emanuele Balboni

Artwork by Iris Scott

Art in the office provides a creative fix to the deflated employee spirit. It creates a visual rest for the strained team, boosts their energy levels and ensures they stay on top of the game, moving your company to future success.

Create a Thriving Office Environment

Artworks in the office create an environment where employees can truly thrive. By prioritizing art in your workplace interior, you’re not just enhancing aesthetics — you’re investing in the well-being and retention of your employees.

This is exactly what Tech Barcelona did to improve their office design for employees. Find out more about their success story firsthand in our article.


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