Hello, This Is WindowSight

WindowSight is here to create cohesive dynamics within the digital world of art.

Sales in the global art market in 2018 reached $67.4 billion. Meanwhile, I sit at home, walls half naked, except for a black square hanging from the middle of the living room. Next to it, what I want to call my first investment piece. But, still, no big deals. Literally.

Truth is, “The vast majority of people don’t have the money to invest in artwork”. Instead, we glance over the works from this wildlife photographer in Tanzania and that illustrator in Korea on our phones. But, is this the limit to accessible art? Five-inch screens? Is there no other way to enjoy artworks easily, but properly?

This situation, to us, made no sense. Dosing art feels like a thing of the past. What is more, why do we have to pick one artist to support by buying one artwork? We decided to build on those questions:

What if we turned TVs into artworks? And what if, in doing that, we could support the artists we enjoy, truly?

Window Sight SL was born in Barcelona in 2017 when we decided to turn TVs into a support to display the wonders of the world. The wonders that we so casually scroll daily but, this time, seen in high quality and in a big format.

As we know, artists are the experts at portraying these wonders. Thus, the idea formalized in an online platform both for artists and users to enjoy visual art in a simple, modern and economical way.

We can hardly imagine waiting a week for a new episode of the show we are currently addicted to, or waiting for the radio to play the song we like. Nevertheless, going to the cinema cannot be compared to watching Netflix, and being in a concert is not the same as listening to music on our headphones.

Of course, an oil painting seen live is unique. Queueing to get in the front row of a concert and going to the cinema to watch the latest release brings a special thrill. However, we believe digital and live experiences do not override each other, they actually suit different needs.

Going to the Louvre is a treasure we will never give up, but that isn’t contrary to expanding our experience with art.

The result of creating this platform is to be able to watch any artwork in high definition at home whenever we want.

On one hand, we believe users should be able to easily access the work of international artists in the discipline they are interested in. Thus, through a quick and easy search from their mobile phones, they can explore photography, painting, illustration, video art… All the art that can be enjoyed digitally, without any limits.

Users customize their experience. They can create playlists of their favorite artists, artworks, or themes, and enjoy them in the highest digital quality by displaying them on their TV. The WindowSight TV app uses streaming to display unlimited artworks without committing to a single artwork.

But, how does it impact the artists?

Artists position themselves in a curated international artistic frame and open a new efficient and sustainable channel where their work can live on.

To start with, it may help potential buyers to weigh important purchases. Simultaneously, artists do not have to commit to a single buyer either. They know their art will continue to be enjoyed by people worldwide. Last but not least, they earn each time their art is watched.

In addition, the authors rest assured that their art will not circulate the web without usage control, nor with ignorance of its manipulation. The platform where they are hosting their work in high quality is encapsulated, since it is designed exclusively for digital display.

WindowSight does not demand exclusivity, it aims to be a digital window for their work. Plus, artists can continue to sell or exhibit the originals through their own means and the platform will encourage its promotion.

WindowSight’s mission is to bring access to art to all audiences through economical and technological means.

We aim to establish a system for artists to grow their professionalism with international recognition, while opening a new source of income. In this ecosystem, art appreciation is the main focus, which benefits both the artist and the user.

You can now stream art to your TV in HQ anytime, anywhere. Stay tuned to learn more about the community on our Instagram at @windowsight and check them all out in the app.

See you there!

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