This International Artist Day, Get The Big Picture

To celebrate this year’s International Artist Day, WindowSight launches the campaign “Get The Big Picture” alongside its artist community to shed light on the current challenges and possibilities of the art world, sometimes overlooked and disregarded, but absolutely relevant in today’s panorama. The startup will be launching their platform on November 18th.

Get The Big Picture?

Humans are the only species who create -what we call- art. We have the inner need to express ourselves, the world around us, and reflect on it.

And art is for anyone. As much for those who create it, as those who want to enjoy it. Luckily for us, we live in a time when we are more connected than ever before. The flow of information is extraordinary and accelerates all processes, from creation to exhibition.

Nevertheless, we cannot seem to find a sustainable way to apply this amazing technology to make art accessible and democratic. More importantly, are we helping art creation and its reach?

Detail of the artwork "Dead Vlei I" by Jody MacDonald

We are in a hurry to get the big picture of what's happening in the art world.

During the following weeks we will be tackling some of the main challenges of today’s art scenario. Let’s start with some numbers:

Sales in the global art market in 2019 reached $64.1 billion.

Do these great numbers reflect the reality of the art world? Headlines like this one want to reflect the power and presence of the art world, but they feel far from our daily lives.

Does this mean that people have enjoyed art the corresponding amount? That its messages have reached all corners of the world? Does it mean artists have made a great living this year?

Are we still measuring the value of art through sales?

Museum of the Beyeler Foundation, Switzerland
"Rabbit" by Jeff Koons displayed at Christie's in NYC, worth $91 million.

57% of the total sales of galleries working solely in the primary market came from their top three artists, with 43% from just one artist.

No wonder 80% of Artists consider the lack of financial return one of the biggest challenges in continuing a successful career.

In the times of YouTube millionaires, TikTok celebrities or (more controversially) musicians earning with Spotify… We still have not gotten rid of the “starving artist” idea.​

Why is there no monetization alternative for visual artists? How can people help the artists they want to support?

74% of contemporary paintings are running under $5,000.

Is this a relief for those who want to enjoy art? Investing in art altogether is not something the average person can afford.

Museums exist to enable access to art. Exhibitions are a great chance to experience an artists’ work. But at the end of the day, the easiest way to get close to an artists’ work nowadays is following them on Instagram.

From seeing an artwork live to giving an artist a like in a low quality photo of their artwork… seems like a huge gap?

Data from Arts Council England and

  • Get the big picture, by literally getting the big picture.


WindowSight opens a new possibility both to artists and art lovers to change the game rules just by displaying art at home through digital day-to-day means.

With WindowSight, artists can share their work digitally and in high quality for anyone to enjoy at home through their TVs.

Members support the artists through a monthly subscription, which is delivered directly to the artists who they have watched.

This way, art lovers all around the globe can access a high quality experience with their favorite artists’ work, and artists gain a new way to directly monetize their work.

What's next?

  • Delivering A Photographer's Message – Today's Opportunities

    Classic means of communication have been sharing their arena with social media for a while now.

    We'll explore ways of delivering the message in an infinite ocean of algorithms.

  • An Artwork's Journey And New Means Of Monetization

    Let's talk about what it takes for artists to gain from their work from the moment they pick up a brush, camera, or graphics tablet to the moment money gets into the bank account.

  • Change The Art World From Your Living Room

    Got a TV? Then you have an infinite frame.

    Let's talk about how technology is going to change the way we experience art forever.

WindowSight is launching on November 18th!

Follow us on @windowsight for more exciting surprises coming up.

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