FAQ for Artists
Membership Benefits

WindowSight is a new platform for artists to earn money by offering their art in high quality. Artists have their art published in the app and get paid according to the amount and time of TV displays, so they earn for the direct enjoyment of their work. 

Plus, they get all features of a Premium user, which means they can use the app to display their and other artists’ work for free.

At WindowSight, everything revolves around empowering the artist. 

  1. Earn money effortlessly by offering your content in high quality through WindowSight’s new model of streaming gallery.
  2. Engage with the audience: they get a new way to enjoy your work, and support you.
  3. Experience a more accessible work dynamic, manage your work as you wish and gain control of your professional career.
  4. Boost your exposure and gain relevance by getting discovered by an art-loving community.
  5. Stay up to date: see what fellow artists are working on and broaden your horizons.
  6. Learn what your audience likes most, where your content is most popular and which artworks produce higher earnings through your Statistics.

In order to offer the best content, and let art be the center of attention, WindowSight is committed to being a true asset to the artist’s career.

  1. Apply: Send us an application through this form
  2. Sign up: Create your account and set up your profile.
  3. Upload: Send us your work in HQ through the Image Manager. 
  4. Earn: Get monthly revenue based on your content’s views.

Apply here to send us a request. In order to become an Artist Member, we will require some information and links to your website or Instagram to see your work and verify ownership. Our curators will review your application and get back to you soon.

WindowSight is exclusive to active professional visual artists. We aim to provide an alternative income that can ease or increase the artists’ recognition as professionals and overall, enhance quality in the arts. 

Through your application, our team will validate that you are active as an artist and that you have a demonstrable professional career.

General Requirements:

Before applying, make sure your art’s resolution is suitable for high quality TV display (minimum of 8MP for image and 1080×1080 for video) and that you have at least 30 artworks to share on WindowSight.

Bear in mind that if your artwork is not naturally digital, it must be digitized in appropriate conditions to ensure a good experience when displayed.

WindowSight welcomes professional visual artists from all around the world who wish to give their audience a new experience with their work. 

Art on WindowSight must provide a valuable experience when watched in HQ on TV. That’s why artists on WindowSight share artworks that are fit for TV display.

Users explore through Collections, playlists, artists, tags… They can follow artists and then manage their favorite content through likes and playlists. Premium members get a HQ digital experience of the art on WindowSight by displaying it on their televisions.


If you’re an Artist Member of WindowSight looking for help, get further information by logging in and accessing your Guides.

The Image Manager is the desktop workspace where artists upload their art, set up their Showcase and organize their content. In it, they define and classify each artwork, create Collections and send their submissions to the review team to have them published on the app.

Artworks get published on the app after being reviewed by the WindowSight team.

Artists upload their content through the Image Manager on our website. Once an artwork has been properly defined and classified, the artist sends it to the Queue, where it undergoes a quality check. Once it’s validated, it gets automatically published.

Only Artist Members can publish their art.

Artists get insight into their art’s performance on their private Statistics page, where they also keep track of their earnings and growth on the platform. They get information on who is watching their content, for how long, their scope… Which might help them pick where their next exhibition should be.

WindowSight is a social tool. Artists can share their own preferences in playlists, create different Collections of their art, tag their content so it gets discovered easily and gain notoriety through Compilations.

If your art is enjoyed, it’s only fair that you get paid for it. Thus, Artists get paid per views on a monthly basis.

Premium users pay a monthly subscription. If users spend time on your content, you earn the corresponding part of that subscription.

You get paid for the amount of time a user spends on your content.

Artists receive monthly payments from the users that have watched them: Premium users’ membership fees are distributed according to time spent on each artist’s content in relation to the overall time spent displaying content. At the end of each month, artists get the total sum from all the users who have watched them.

Each of an artist’s works is tied to a revenue percentage, usually 50%. The percentage applies to the profit generated by the user: their subscription fee minus the expenses generated by themselves (such as bank charges).

Account and Agreement

The Agreement is a set of clauses which determines the understanding between the platform and the artist. These clauses will be subject to the Spanish legislation and are aimed at the protection of data.

You. WindowSight will only have use of the rights for distribution through the platform.

No. You can continue to share your work on social media, exhibit, sell and publish it as you please.

The contract is extended yearly. As much as we would like you to keep working with us, in case something comes up and you need to terminate the Agreement, you can do so at any time by contacting the WindowSight team. Complete deletion may take up to two weeks.

Yes. Artists can manage their content as they please through the website. In order to ensure proper performance on the platform, we recommend artists don’t delete their content without previous notice, as this would interfere with the users’ experience.

You can submit a request through this form. If your request is accepted, your account will automatically switch to an Artist account and you will have access to all features for artists. Your membership will also become Premium for Artists, which is free.

Safety and Streaming

Your art will be streamed in HQ on users’ TVs.

WindowSight is committed to battling piracy. Your content will be displayed through streaming and protected from download, only available to WindowSight members.

WindowSight never gives access to your original files, users can only stream your art through the mobile app, where the art is published in a reduced format.

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