WindowSight is an app to display art in high quality on your TV. Our community is built by independent artists worldwide who provide their excellent work, and art lovers who wish to give art a more central role in their lives while making a positive impact in the arts ecosystem.

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Go Premium to display the artworks on your TV, and support your favorite artists with your monthly subscription.

Access all art on WindowSight through the mobile app. Discover, explore and display unlimited art from the artists on the platform. Make playlists, follow artists, explore their Collections and meet new inspirations through Compilations.

WindowSight is FREE to download.


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All new members get a two week free Premium trial.
After the trial, you can continue with:

  • Free (unlimited features on the mobile app)
    People who wish to explore WindowSight’s content can access the mobile app for free without limits.


  • Premium (with TV display through the TV app) – €16,99 /month
    WindowSight’s Premium Members have access to the display on TV feature through a monthly fee and, in doing so, they directly support the artists they watch.

By entering an Invitation Code when registering, you get 3 months of Premium for the price of 1.

Check the WindowSight artists’ social media for codes.

TV Display - Best Practices

A Premium account and the WindowSight apps installed on your devices (mobile and TV).

WindowSight requires a TV with an internet connection, whether you have a smart TV or use an HDMI or SCART.

All art on WindowSight is available for TV display just by pressing Play.  

  1. Get the app 
    Download the WindowSight app on your phone and TV from the app store and log in with your username and password.
  2. Sync your TV
    Pair your phone with your TV by scanning the QR code that will show up on the TV screen.
  3. Stream art
    Press Play on any artwork, Collection or playlist on WindowSight through your phone and enjoy art in HQ.
  • Recommended: QLED, MicroLED
  • Supported: OLED, LED
  • Not recommended for extended use: Plasma, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), older technologies

To ensure the best performance and display quality, to take good care of TVs, and to control energy consumption, we recommend:

  • Setting automatic brightness and contrast.

  • Managing the time of display of each artwork through the app.

  • Not displaying a still image longer than 90 minutes.

  • Switching to different frame colors if displaying framed artworks for long periods of time.

Long exposure of still images or frames may result in what we commonly refer to as burn-in, which is actually an uneven aging due to usage.

Burn-in happens over time when TVs display still images for long periods of time. This effect results in some areas of the screen with less definition or poor coloring. 

The effect is progressive and it may not be immediately visible after one long exposure. That’s why there are some recommendations to take into account to keep taking good care of screens. 

Burn-in can happen in any TV, regardless of its technology. Most sensitive to burn-in are OLED TVs and plasma TVs. WindowSight recommends using QLED or MicroLED technologies. 

Phantom effect should not be confused with burn-in. Phantom effect happens when an image temporarily stays on the screen for a few moments after displaying it. This can be an indicator that the TV may have suffered from burn-in if it had been on display for longer.

Art and Artists

Many. We classify them in the following categories:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Loop
  • Cinemagraph
  • Boomerang

The WindowSight Artist Members. Artists upload the content they wish to share, which undergoes a quality check before being published.

We deliver 50% of Premium users’ membership fee* directly to the artists whose art has been watched on their TVs. The percentage may increase during promotions without affecting the membership fee.

*minus direct expenses such as bank charges.

Become a Premium Member! Premium members’ subscription fee is split between the artists they have watched and helps us to keep delivering high quality art. 

The WindowSight app is coming soon. 

Visit The Art and follow us on Instagram for updates on the art and the artists of the community.

Are you an artist?


Search and Explore
WindowSight aims to be a place for discovery and happy encounters. Whether you are looking for something specific or wish to be surprised, you can use the Search section in the app.

Compilations are general categories to explore the latest and trending content on each topic or artistic field, for example, “photography” or “black and white”, created by WindowSight.

My Library
Sort and organize your favorites on your Library by accessing the content you have liked, your playlists, and the artists and Collections you follow…

Playlists are managed and played through the mobile app. Build them with the artworks you like, for instance: graphic design, monochrome, architecture, etc. and feature different artists to make your own streamable exhibitions.

Playlists by Artists
Artists may create their own playlists, featuring their and other artists’ content and offer a unique view on their personal interests. 

Following Playlists
You can also follow other users’ and artists’ playlists for easy access and to stay updated.

Most probably, the artwork has been unpublished and will come back soon, or removed entirely from the platform, either by the artist or WindowSight.

Artists have the option of organizing their projects in Collections. Just like playlists, Collections can be followed in order to stay tuned for new artworks added to them.

Account and Payments

You can edit your account and payment information through the app and through our website.

Users who do not wish to see or display content not considered suitable for all audiences may activate the Sensitive Content switch to block Nudity or Mature content. 

The Sensitive Content switch can be easily activated and deactivated through the app’s Settings.

  • Nudity includes depiction of any human body, regardless of their gender, without full clothing. 
  • Mature Content includes content that may trigger a negative response on the audience or which some may prefer not to display. 

When the switches are off, no content labeled as mature or as nudity will show up anywhere in the app nor will it be displayed on your TV.

Your membership fee will be charged on the provided bank account every month on the same day as the first payment took place.

First payment takes place after the free trial period.

Go to Reset Password and enter your email address to have a link sent to you and change your password.

If you need further help resetting your password, please contact us

All accounts on WindowSight are subscribed to a membership plan (Free or Premium). If you wish to switch to a Free membership, you can do so through your Settings.

If you wish to delete your account, we will be sad to see you leave. 

Send an email with your user name and email address and stating your will to delete your account to our team through the contact page.

Coming soon

Get notified when the WindowSight app comes out and be here for the launch.

Learn more about WindowSight’s Privacy Policy.

Coming soon

Get notified when the WindowSight app comes out and be here for the launch.

Learn more about WindowSight’s Privacy Policy.

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