Videoart by: Oscar Pettersson

Driven by Digital

Artists worldwide have found one thing in common in WindowSight: a way to connect their audience and their art in a digital high quality environment without limits on time, space, or price.

WindowSight just launched in BETA. However, the artist community has been here longer. Today we want to shed a little light into the hard work our beloved artists have put into the platform to make sure we delivered the best experience to you


Native digital artists …and avid digitizers. 

On one hand, more and more artists have found new ways to express themselves in the digital environment: these digital tools allow them to create artworks that would otherwise be impossible to exist.

From photographers to motion graphic artists, native digital artists struggle more than usual to find a frame for their work. Galleries and museums are stepping slowly to accommodate these singular pieces of art, and the public is still modest at appreciating them.

Artworks by: Gabriel Isak, Nak Bali and Shorsh

On the other hand, more and more artists who do not work in naturally digital forms have started to create digital copies of their work, in order to ensure its documentation and preservation.

Yulia Bas' work in the WindowSight App

Question is: Now that my art is digital, where do I exhibit it?

Many artists nowadays have felt the need to put hours and effort into the digital arena of art, without any direct compensation. These and other issues are some of the loose ends in the digital turnaround of the art world. 

Social media cannot guarantee a high quality experience, since it is designed to be accessed through your mobile phone. Nevertheless, having a TV at home is becoming more and more the norm, seeing prices go down and technology up. 

As a result, WindowSight is the frame where both native digital artists and avid digitizers have found a new way to display their work.

Yulia Bas' work displayed on TV via the WindowSight App

The life of an artwork beyond an object.
An artwork is more than an object, and it should count its worth in more ways than that.

The WindowSight community is betting on a new state of things, one that is accessible, worthy and democratic. Because no one has ever known what watching an artwork for an hour is worth, but now we can get a tangible answer. 

Our community has been uploading their work for the past few months. What’s the point of opening a library if it’s empty? Well, we are nothing without our artists either. 

Artists on WindowSight have their own platform for uploading, tagging and classifying. We call it the Image Manager:


“Must say you have a great platform for upload etc. (I have tried a few)” – Oscar Petterson


Our requirements are pretty simple: make sure your art will deliver a good experience when watched in HD. Specifically, we require artworks to be of certain minimum dimensions and resolution, but the most important is that they can submit artworks than can display perfectly on the latest TVs, with resolutions to up to 8K

Here’s a shout out to the artists that have been with us the longest: Vinicius Parisi, Chamo San, Dennis Schmeltz, Benjamin Von Wong, Jaxon Roberts, Mr. Werewolf (Jakub Rozalski), Tim Laman, Oscar Pettersson, Gabriel Isak, Elia Colombo, mr007, George Steinmetz… among many amazing artists.

Vinicius Parisi, Chamo San, Dennis Schmeltz, Benjamin Von Wong and Jaxon Roberts


Stay tuned to learn more about the community on our Instagram at @windowsight and check them all out in the app!

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