WindowSight Is Now Available In BETA

WindowSight has been in development for the past two years. During this time, we have established the three pillars that form our platform:

Who is in BETA?

Gerd Ludwig, Yulia Bas, Cinta Vidal, Julien Tabet, Jody MacDonald…

What does BETA mean?

Today, the WindowSight BETA version is published in the main marketplaces and at the same time, we are growing in a controlled environment.

High definition display is available through the TV app.

Download Available: WindowSight is published in the main marketplaces, so anyone interested can start using it!

Premium BETA for €4.99: Users who sign up during this period will enjoy a reduced price for Premium.

How do I join?

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Sign Up
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Install the App
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Start Streaming


  • Unlimited features on the mobile app
  • People who wish to explore WindowSight’s content can access the mobile app for free without limits.

Premium BETA

16.99 4.99/month
  • With TV display through the TV app
  • WindowSight’s Premium Members have access to the display on TV feature through a monthly fee and, in doing so, they directly support the artists they watch.

Why are we launching in BETA?

  • Ensure the best experience

    In order to make sure we are always offering the best experience, we are publishing WindowSight in BETA first.

    We want to do things properly. For us, this means ensuring the best possible experience both for the people who have put their trust in the project, and all the people who will join us from now on.

  • The community first

    We are launching a new way to relate to art and we want this message to be delivered along with the app.

    WindowSight allows you to experience art in a digital way, with all the quality guarantees. At the same time, it aims to bring the artist and the audience much closer: The audience enjoys the work of an artist, they get paid.

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