Art is Settling Home And We Have An Artist Invitation For You.

WindowSight launched its first official version on November 18th!

The project has been in development for three years, while designing and programming both apps. Almost two years ago, the first artists started joining the project. In summer 2020, the platform started running in BETA to test on a global scale that everything worked the way it should. 

A Foreseeing Community

Today we’re 12 days old. We have a lot to be thankful for, starting with the artists who, without even having a product to show to, decided to bet on us, and share their work in HQ on the platform.

The users who tried out the apps during BETA were the first members of our community, which keeps growing!
Today, we’re over 5000 users worldwide 🙂

This is our thank you to our community for the immense support you’ve given us:

3x1 Artist Invitations

In order to open an easy way for all the friends, family, and followers of our artist community, we are launching 3×1 Artist Invitations!

Redeeming an Artist’s Invite Code will make a user’s subscription Premium for a total of three months paying only one month, so basically, two months for free.

How do they work?

The New Home For Art

We are opening a new way to experience art from home, assuring a high quality level while making use of accessible technology. Our TV app is compatible with most TVs in the market, and so is our mobile app. 

We understand this new consumption is something to try out, see if it works for you, and give it your own dimension. Our apps are very customizable, which means you can adapt the art to your specific needs (interests, mood, decor…).

The so-called Spotify for Art

After the launch, several media outlets have picked an interest in us. They have called WidowSight “The Spotify for Art”, “The Netflix for Art”… and so on. 

WindowSight has adopted a popular means of operating, which is, pay a fraction of the total value of something to have unlimited access to it.

In our case, your subscription fee directly supports the artists you stream on your TV. This way, our community doesn’t have to worry about where their money is going, and artists get a new way to monetize their work. 

So, now’s the time! 

Get your Promo Code and Start Streaming!

  • The Picture is Getting Bigger

All this and more, we gathered from the #GetTheBigPicture Live Sessions which happened on our Instagram throughout the entire week after the launch. We had the pleasure and honor to speak to top artists in their fields and talk about the main challenges that the art world faces today. 

As Félix Cuadrado Lomas said in the documentary “Tierras construidas” now running in the DART Film Festival in Barcelona, “Art does not receive applause”. On WindowSight, we want to see the extent of that truth. To start with, the entire campaign on Instagram Live gathered over 20.000 spectators.

Stay tuned for our recap on the #GetTheBigPicture Live Sessions here in our Art Blog!

TV App: Apple TV, Samsung TV, Android TV.

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