What art is there in WindowSight?

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The art in WindowSight comes directly from our Artist community. Artists apply to become an Artist Member, their applications are reviewed by our curators, and those that proceed, get an Artist account. Then, they create their profiles and add their content exclusively in high quality. 

Explore the Artists in WindowSight through their Artist Profiles.

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Artworks and Classifications

There are many types of art in WindowSight. They are published by the Artist community and reviewed by our team to ensure the best possible quality. 

All artworks belong to one of the 9 available classifications and are tagged by the artist. The classifications are based on the technique used to create the artwork.

  • Image: Photography, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Illustration, Painting
  • Video: Loop, Boomerang, Cinemagraph, Videostack – COMING SOON


Video files on WindowSight are loopable to display them for as long as you want. Videos do not include sound.

You can Like, Play or add artworks to your Playlists. 


Collections are sets of at least 3 artworks created by the Artists to organize their projects. They may build them according to theme, project, creation timeline… Collections will only contain art from a certain artist. Find out more in the description. 

You can Follow and Play Collections.


Playlists are sets of artworks from one or more artists. They can be created either by users or artists. Playlists reflect on moods, specific locations, themes… Anything you want. Learn how to create yours

You can Create, Follow and Play Playlists.


All content in WindowSight is organized with tags. Artists select the tags their content will be defined with. 

You can search specific tags and browse through them to find more related content.