“Detailed View of a Stellar Nursery” by James Webb

The astonishing images of NASA’s Hubble and James Webb space telescopes are now available on any TV for everyone to enjoy

We’ve made those images accessible to be streamed, transforming TVs into cosmic digital canvases and rooms into star-gazing spots.

Place: Terrassa, Catalonia | Date: October 2023 | Type: News

Various locations presenting images of NASA’s Hubble and James Webb space telescopes with WindowSight

Sky's the limit — wait, what?

Breathtaking images and videos that depict the infinite beauty of the universe – solar systems, galaxies, stars – travel all the way from the space telescopes to home TV screens worldwide with the best quality to be enjoyed through our platform.

Since June 2023, we have been preparing to launch two Space Telescope accounts on the platform in collaboration with nightscape photographer, science journalist, WindowSight member and admin/curator of the two accounts Amirreza Kamkar. On Friday 13th, the launch was finally completed with the aim of providing people from all around the world a daily “window” to the endless universe through their TV screens, bringing the comfort of exploration and awareness to their homes or businesses.


Once the WindowSighters begin navigating through the mobile app – downloadable for free on iOS and Android – they will be able to discover on each telescope account a variety of images and videos with valuable unique insights. The content is meticulously curated into organized collections, allowing users to choose their preferred content, display it on their TV screens seamlessly, and enjoy an immersive experience in the universe – a world beyond limits.
The primary goal of the two space telescopes is to offer a more precise observation of the cosmos – beyond the visual limitations caused by Earth’s atmosphere –, focusing on the diverse issues and enigmas that space scientists and experts are aiming to unravel.

"The Star-forming Region S106" by Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is a NASA and ESA collaboration, and has been orbiting Earth since 1990. It was named after astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble. It addresses key astronomical questions and unveils mysteries. Operating across ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectrums, Hubble explores black holes and exoplanets, revolutionizing astronomy in our quest to understand the universe.

The “Hubble Space Telescope” WindowSight account currently consists of three collections – “Star Clusters”, “Nebulae” and “Galaxies” – with more than 60 items available to stream on TV.

The James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Telescope is a collaborative effort by NASA, ESA, and CSA, launched in 2021 and was named after NASA’s second administrator, James E. Webb. It extends our understanding of our Solar System, star and planet formation, exoplanets, and galaxy evolution. Operating in near-infrared and mid-infrared wavelengths, Webb’s data will be shared globally with the scientific community, enabling groundbreaking discoveries.

The “James Webb Space Telescope” WindowSight account is currently composed of four collections – “Zoom-in the Universe” (video), “Solar System”, “Nebulae” and “Galaxies” – with more than 40 items available to display on TV. 

Cosmic Cliffs in Carina Nebula by James Webb ST

“Through the lens of Hubble and James Webb telescopes, the cosmos unveils its artistic brilliance, intertwining the captivating hues and textures of celestial objects with profound scientific revelations. These images bridge the realms of science and art. With the initiative to launch the two accounts on WindowSight, users can now immerse themselves in the infinite beauty of the universe, expanding its grandeur on TV screens while gaining insights into the wonders of scientific knowledge”, —  Says photographer Amirreza Kamkar who has collaborated with the European Space Agency in various projects in the past.

Image by Hubble

Image by Hubble

Image by James Webb

Image by James Webb

Since 2017, WindowSight’s vision has been to make curated art and photography as accessible and essential as music is today in people’s lives. Every single team member shares this ambition and thrives to bring the best TV experience possible while considering our community’s opinion, needs and preferences. We aim to transform spaces into dynamic, culturally rich and pleasing environments, broadening everyone’s horizons, enhancing their daily lives and supporting the artist community. 

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