Artwork by: Emine Yilmaz

Digital Alternatives for Artists

Some have said that we will witness a baby boom in nine months. Well, we are also expecting great new collections from artists worldwide.

In the meantime, movements like #ArtistsSupportArtists have started to take place.

Artists coming together (against algorithms)

Marketing art is what takes an artwork to the eyes of the audience. However, in the online world, it has become a long and complicated step. If I google “art marketing online”, the results instruct me to open a website, a blog, and put a lot of effort into my social media, which is lovely, but doesn’t really pay the rent.

The online fight for attention is restless, and the current algorithms aren’t helping out.

Understandably, Instagram introduced their algorithm system when the amount of content published was completely unapproachable. As a result, the old “recently published” system, had to go.

We have been dealing with the new algorithm system for a few years now. On one hand, it makes it more difficult for fake accounts to get their way and overall “tricking the system” more difficult, as no one really can crack it. On the other hand, it has sectorized the most popular accounts, a bit tyrannically, and makes it difficult for smaller accounts to break through.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, artists started the #ArtistsSupportArtists hashtag. #ArtistsSupportArtists is a way to discover new artists through the direct recommendation of our favorite artists. It works like a chain on Instagram Stories. An artist posts a list of fellow artists that they recommend. Then, the tagged accounts can repost the story and add their own recommendations. This way, the network expands through different fanbases, who can now discover new artists without algorithms.


#ArtistsSupportArtists is not the only new initiative that has emerged. Truth is, art creation is currently happening between a fun relief and very serious interpretations. In the middle: Covid Art Museum, the World’s First Museum for art born during Covid19 quarantine.

Three publicists from Barcelona are on a quest to gather art inspired by and created during the Coronavirus crisis. You can submit yours through #CovidArtMuseum, all disciplines are welcome.

There is a lot to reflect on during these times. Artists are exploring it, and others are taking on the job to collect that work.

All around the globe, museums and institutions are documenting the pandemic. Vesthimmerlands Museum, The Victoria Albert Museum, The Museum of Denmark… The “digital artifacts” will come together in a future exhibitions. Question is: How will we watch them? Will they be physical or digital?

Digital Alternatives for Artists

There are plenty of portals where artists market their art, from very exclusive sites, to popular –and fierce– social media. The reason behind such a scope is that getting your work out there is easy, but getting it noticed is not.

In any case, the goal is to make a living out of being an artist, and that’s challenging, to say the least. Moreover, the alternatives that provide direct income are not as many as the portals that demand visual content.

Artists worldwide are finding new ways to deliver to their audience, and it’s completely digital.

WindowSight lets people stream art and pays the artist according to the amount of time of display of each artwork. The mission is to make high quality art accessible and open a new income alternative for artists. The platform is launching soon and artists are now applying and submitting their artwork.

We hope to see artists taking their creations to the digital world and avoid the algorithms of big platforms. Plus, we look forward to share them as a digital experience through WindowSight. 

Go ahead and contact us, we look forward to exhibiting your art!

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